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Voxer Group


Voxer is a push-to-talk app that allows users to share a variety of message types in a closed forum. #APChat is proud to follow the example of chats such as #PTChat and #SatChat by creating a Voxer group to continue our conversations throughout the week. In order to join the #APChat group on Voxer you must be added. If you are interested in participating follow the directions below:


Creating a Voxer Handle

1. Download the Voxer app from your store (App Store; Android Market; etc.) IT IS FREE!

2. Create your profile


Joining the Voxer Group

1. Send a message to jcwastler on Voxer asking to be added


YOU ARE DONE! Once I receive your request I will add you to the group. To participate you simply need to open the chat (appears on your home screen in the Voxer app) and jump in as you see fit.

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